Double-Flanged Wave Attenuator Hollow Bottom Shell

Model # DF-C-WA-36048-20-DFM

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This double-flanged wave attenuator hollow bottom shell is made of virgin polyethylene with UV inhibitors and is .200" nominally thick. Simply drill a few larger holes in the sides to allow the shell to fill with water once it is submerged. The encased water will then act as the ballast for the wave attenuator or dock system. For use with Double-Flanged Wave Attenuator Top Float (DF-C-WA-364820-DFF)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Additional Info
Item #: DF-C-WA-36048-20-DFM
Width: 36"
Length: 48" *
Height: 20" *
Buoyancy: N/A
Weight: 50 lbs. *
Volume: 20.0 cubic ft.
Mounting Slots / Holes: 10 top / 10 bottom
Outer Shell / Encasement: Seamless, Rotationally-Molded, Virgin Linear Low Density Polyethelene (LLDPE)
Color: Black
Wall Thickness: .200" nominal
Interior: Hollow
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year, limited

* All dimensions, weights, and buoyancies are approximate

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